Best Hybrid Mattress UK: Comfort and Support

Hybrid mattresses usually feature a combination of materials where coils grant support and other material provides comfort.

The best hybrid has coils for providing support and a faster response to movement. It also features another type of material that helps relieve pressure on your body and align hips and shoulders so you can sleep better at night.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the best hybrid mattress in the UK.

Best 5 Hybrid Mattresses UK 

#1 Dreamcloud mattress

The Dreamcloud ULTIMATE Hybrid Memory Foam and Latex Mattress is an excellent choice for those looking for a top-quality hybrid mattress.

It features, as the name suggests, high-quality latex and memory foam. The support layer consists of pocketed coil springs that provide comfort and excellent response to movement, so you never feel your partner’s movements in the bed.

The bottom layer provides extra support and relief from pressure points with its thick layer of high-density memory foam. This top-rated hybrid mattress comes with a 100 night trial period and a 20-year warranty which makes it one of the best choices on the market at this price point.


  • comes with a 100-night trial period
  • provides excellent comfort and support
  • comes with 20 years warranty Cons:
  • it can be too soft for some people


  • it’s on the more expensive side of things, and you can find better value options
  • it can be too soft for some people

#2 Simba Hybrid Mattress

The Simba Hybrid Mattress with 8cm Memory Foam and Pocket Springs is another great option that combines pocketed coils springs for providing support and memory foam to provide comfort.

This top-rated model features a layer of latex in the middle, which helps relieve pressure on your hips and shoulders so you can sleep better at night.

The 8 cm thick layer of memory foam provides extra support and aligns hips and shoulders, so you don’t wake up with aches in your joints after a good night’s sleep. This hybrid mattress also comes with a 100-night trial period as well as a 10-year warranty.


  • features excellent latex topper for extra comfort
  • comes with ten years warranty
  • features pocketed coils springs for providing support and a memory foam layer for extra comfort


  • being memory foam, it’s hot to sleep on
  • it can be too soft for some people

#3 Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress

The Eve Premium Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress with its 6.5-inch high-density memory foam is another excellent choice for those looking to get a hybrid mattress.

It features pockets coils springs that provide support and fast response when you move in the bed. The memory foam layer provides pressure relief and aligns hips and shoulders, so you don’t wake up feeling sore every morning after sleeping on this mattress.


  • comes with pocketed coils springs for providing support
  • the memory foam layer provides pressure relief
  • aligns hips and shoulders


  • it can be too soft for some people
  • it’s a bit pricey compared to other memory foam mattresses

#4 Emma Hybrid Mattress

The Emma Hybrid Latex and Memory Foam Mattress is another excellent choice for those looking to get a soft yet supportive mattress.

It features layers of latex and memory foam which provide excellent comfort and support, helping relieve pressure on hips and shoulders so you can sleep better at night.

You can get this top-rated hybrid mattress in the UK with a 100-night trial period as well as a 10-year warranty.


  • Emma mattress features two layers of materials: latex and memory foam
  • provides excellent comfort and support
  • comes with a 100-night trial period
  • comes with a 10-year warranty


  • it might be too soft for some people
  • it can be too hot to sleep on

#5 Nectar Mattress

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress, with its 4-layer construction, provides comfort for those who like to sleep on memory foam while still providing support due to the pocketed coils springs.

It features quilted layers of soft latex and memory foam which provide excellent comfort and support, helping relieve pressure on hips and shoulders so you can sleep better at night.


  • features two layers of materials: latex and memory foam
  • provides excellent comfort and support
  • comes with a 100-night trial period
  • the latex top layer provides an extra cooling effect
  • the memory foam provides pressure relief as well as additional support


  • it can be too soft for some people
  • it’s one of the more expensive options on this list

What is a hybrid mattress?

A hybrid mattress is a combination of two or more materials that provide particular benefits, comfort, and support to the sleeper.

Mattresses such as latex, memory foam, pocketed coils, springs, and air can be combined to create a hybrid mattress that offers the best features from each type of material used.

The addition of air in the form of individual air pockets makes these mattresses quite comfortable and allows users to adjust firmness according to their preferences and needs.

Air chambers can be set up on one side for those who sleep on their backs and soft ones for people who like sleeping on their sides or stomachs. A lot also depends on how many chambers are inside the mattress; most high-quality models have at least three sections for user comfort.

Are hybrid mattresses any good?

While hybrids usually cost more than mattresses made up of memory foam, latex, or pocketed coils springs only, they also offer plenty of benefits that allow you to get the most out of your money.

Some models even come with cooling features such as extra-breathable materials and gel-infused foams, so you don’t wake up sweaty in the middle of the night. Memory foam is known to trap heat, but some manufacturers claim that their products feature unique technology that does not let this happen.


  • two or more materials are used to make the mattress
  • offer unique features such as gel foam, cooling system, etc
  • most models come with a warranty of at least ten years
  • great comfort and support for those who like memory foam


  • it’s usually more expensive compared to one material mattresses
  • some hybrid models might be too soft for some people’s preferences

UK Mattress Sizes

  • Super single: 3ft 6in x 6ft 3in (40 x 80 inches) – This size is suitable for a child or teenager
  • Small single: 3ft x 6ft 3in (30 x 80 inches) – This size is suitable for younger children or teenagers
  • Single size: 4ft x 6ft 4in (36 x 78 inches) – This mattress will fit in most rooms, and it’s also suitable as a guest bed or spare bed
  • Double size: 4ft 6in x 6ft 6in (42 x 80 inches) – This size will fit most rooms; great for couples
  • King size: 5ft x 6ft 6in (50 x 74 inches) – Ideal for more oversized bedrooms, this mattress is also the standard size in the UK.
  • Super king-size: 6ft x 6ft 6in (60 x 78 inches) – Bigger than the king-size; great for larger homes and spacious bedrooms.

What is a foam mattress?

A foam mattress is another type of mattress that’s made up of either memory foam or latex. Latex mattresses are usually more supportive than those made out of memory foam due to the absence of trapped heat.

However, some models feature an additional layer of memory foam on top, making them even softer and more comfortable. Memory foam mattresses are also known to be extremely cozy, providing plenty of support for people with back pains as well as relief from pressure on hips and shoulders – you don’t toss around in your sleep if you have a bad back!

How long do foam mattresses last?

A good quality foam mattress will last for at least ten years so that you can get your money’s worth.

Some high-end models are even rated for 15 or more years, but you have to remember that their lifespan depends on how often each person sleeps on the mattress, the quality of materials used in its construction, and how it’s cared for.

Are foam mattresses hot?

While high-density memory foam mattresses are known to be hot, many people have found ways around this problem.

Some brands sell gel memory foam that does not trap heat as much as regular types of material do.

It’s also a good idea to keep your bedroom well ventilated and look for mattresses with breathable materials, such as those made from natural latex rubber.

Can you flip a foam mattress?

Since foam mattresses are not reversible, you can’t flip them. This means that the top layer of material will wear out faster than the bottom since it’s being used more often.

Manufacturers recommend rotating your mattress from time to time so both layers have a chance to distribute body weight and pressure evenly.

What is a pocket sprung mattress?

Pocket sprung mattresses are so named because of the coil springs that have been fitted into individual fabric pockets. This allows them to offer more support and maintain their shape longer than standard innerspring types, but they’re also heavier and not as durable as latex models or memory foam.

Pocket sprung mattresses come in all shapes and sizes: double, king, super king.

You can adjust the mattress’ firmness by adding or removing these springs; those who like a bouncy feel should opt for at least 450 pocket springs per square meter (at least 11 springs per square inch).

Composition of hybrid mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are made of foam or coils, and they usually contain some memory foam, latex, pocketed coils springs, etc.

Some brands use materials such as graphite to make their hybrids more breathable. This way, you get the comfort and support that memory foam provides while not suffering from the heat it traps during sleep.

Is a hybrid mattress the right mattress for you?

A hybrid mattress could be the solution if you like memory foam mattresses but often feel overheated while sleeping.

Keep in mind that while hybrids are generally more expensive than all-foam or coil-only mattresses, they still cost less than other advanced types of beds, such as air and water beds.

In general, hybrid mattresses are recommended for:

  • people who are on a budget
  • those who sleep hot
  • people with back pain
  • anyone looking for good value for their money

Criteria to consider when purchasing a hybrid mattress

  1. High density: avoid buying a bed that features low-quality memory foam. It should be at least 1.5 inches or higher to provide enough support for your back and prevent sleep disturbance.
  2. Comfort layer: you need to choose the right type of material for your comfort layer because it will affect how much pressure you feel on hips, shoulders, and other body parts while sleeping on your back, side, or stomach. Memory foam is often used in this part of the mattress due to its ability to conform to each person’s shape, but latex can also work well if it’s not too soft (check out best latex mattresses ).
  3. Base layer: coils are typically used as the base for hybrid models because they offer better airflow than foam.
  4. Frame: the frame of a hybrid mattress usually resembles that of any other bed – it’s made from metal or wood, and it provides support for the upper layers and proper alignment of springs.
  5. Warranties: warranty is always an important thing to consider when purchasing a new product, especially if you’re buying online without being able to test it first. Most brands offer at least 10-20 years for their mattresses, but some offer up to 25 years! Hybrid mattress warranties are generally more beneficial than those provided with all-foam beds as they cover manufacturing defects and sagging problems due to regular wear and tear.
  6. Risk-free trial periods: some companies offer customers the option to try out their hybrid mattress for up to 100 days (e.g., Bear Mattresses) or even 120 days (Lull). This way, you can decide if this bed type is the right one for your unique sleeping habits and preferences.

Different materials used in hybrid mattresses

Most hybrid mattresses are made of foam or coils, and they usually contain some memory foam, latex, pocketed coils springs, etc.

Some brands use materials such as graphite to make their hybrids more breathable. This way, you get the comfort and support that memory foam provides while not suffering from the heat it traps during sleep.

1) Memory foam: this material is good at relieving pressure points to ensure comfort while sleeping on your back or side. However, it can trap heat and cause you to be overheated during sleep.

2) Latex: this material offers excellent support and is known for its coolness, so it’s a great choice if you tend to feel overheated when using memory foam mattresses

3) Coils: they help provide extra support and proper spine alignment, so they’re recommended if you suffer from lower back pain. Manufacturers often use pocketed coils springs in hybrids because they provide increased airflow and contouring, making hybrid beds more breathable than all-foam varieties.

4) Pocketed coils: these springs are ideal for heavy people and those who want extra pressure relief and support. The coils are individually wrapped in fabric to increase airflow, making the mattress more breathable, especially if there’s a layer of memory foam that traps heat.

5) High-resilience foam: it’s a comfortable material that provides increased airflow and contouring to make the mattress cool. It’s slightly more expensive than regular memory foam, but it offers better cooling capabilities.

6) Polyurethane foam: this is a budget-friendly alternative if you want memory foam in your hybrid. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer as much comfort and support because its density is lower than regular high-density memory foam.

7) Natural materials: latex, cotton, wool, silk are often used in hybrids designed for hot sleepers since they provide excellent ventilation while offering excellent body support.

8) Complementary materials: These materials can be added to enhance the comfort and support of hybrid mattresses. For instance, if you feel overheated when using memory foam, try out a bed with added gel or graphite, which helps dissipate heat so you won’t suffer from what people often refer to as “mattress hot spots.”

How much does a hybrid mattress cost?

You can expect to pay anywhere from £250 for a low-end hybrid mattress to as much as £3,000 or more for premium mattress options. That said, you can also find hundreds of affordable options on the UK market.

Bear in mind that some mattresses are more durable than others. Hence, it’s essential to consider this factor when choosing your product, especially if you’re paying a premium price for comfort and support.

What Sleeping Positions Sleep Best On a Hybrid Mattress?

Hybrids are ideal for every sleeping position. That said, they offer their best support and comfort when you sleep on your back or stomach (similar to memory foam).

If you like to sleep on your side, try an all-foam mattress because it contours around the body more than hybrids with springs which can cause some discomfort if you carry a lot of weight.

If you’re pregnant or overweight, consider buying two mattresses (a firm one and another with medium-soft firmness), especially if your current bed is made entirely of memory foam since it doesn’t provide enough pressure relief.

What Is The Best Bed Base For A Hybrid Mattress?

Hybrids are compatible with most bed bases. That said, it’s best to use a platform bed for the medium-firm mattress and firm models, but you can also get away with using slatted or adjustable bases if your hybrid has springs.

Remember that you don’t need any base since hybrids are designed to work on almost any surface, including the floor. Bear in mind that more expensive options aren’t ideal for use on the floor because they’re bulky, making them difficult to move around.

Types of bed frames

1. Adjustable beds:

If you like to change the position of your bed according to your needs, this is a perfect base for hybrids. Bear in mind that adjustable beds aren’t always available, and they’re pretty expensive, so if you can’t afford one or don’t want to buy it try using a platform bed instead.

2. Slatted bases:

An excellent option for medium-firm and firm hybrid mattresses but not ideal for soft models since they lack support

3. Solid bases:

Good as long as you don’t put heavy objects on tops such as storage ottomans or boxes with books inside. Avoid piling up too much weight on your new mattress because it may affect its comfort and durability over time.

4. Metal bed frames:

These look good, and they’re modern, but you should avoid them if you suffer from back pain since they don’t offer as much support as wooden bed frames.

5. Hexagonal wooden bed frames:

A great option, especially for those who like to create a more individualistic style in their bedroom. These look good with any kind of mattress, including hybrids, and they’re available in different types such as traditional, contemporary or rustic.

Wooden bed bases are ideal for large mattresses (king-sized or more significant), especially if you like to share your new hybrid with your partner regularly.

How to choose the best mattress?

  1. Look for the optimal number of layers: hybrids are made up of 3 to 8 inches (7.6 cm – 20cm) thick which may sound relatively thin compared to other types, but if you look closely, you’ll realize that these mattresses come with different layers which offer a good combination of support and comfort especially when combined. Bear in mind that thicker models tend to be more durable, but they’re also heavier, so it’s easy to move them around even if you don’t have a bed frame.
  2. Opt for a long warranty: this is proof of how confident manufacturers are about the quality of their products. When choosing between two similar models, always go for one with a longer warranty since it can indicate its durability and overall quality.
  3. Try to find a model that’s right for your needs: if you’re a side sleeper, look for a mattress with medium firmness and good support, just the opposite if you sleep on your back or stomach.
  4. Price: hybrids are known as some of the most expensive types of mattresses, so try not to overdo it when choosing between two similar models especially if you can’t afford much. In this case, go for the one with the best warranty since it may serve as an indication of its overall quality and durability.

How often should you change your mattress?

It’s quite difficult to determine the average lifespan of a hybrid mattress since it depends on so many different factors such as height, weight, and body mass index.

Some models can last approximately 10 years while others may be less durable especially if you share them with your partner and/or children and put too much weight on them.

If you notice any signs of sagging or if parts of your bed start to show through your sleep surface (even if these are small) then it’s time for a new one.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to change your mattress just because its warranty expires since this isn’t always an accurate indication of its overall quality and durability over time. If after doing some research you think that your current model has passed its peak design and comfort, then go for a newer one.

How to clean your mattress?

1) The first thing you should do is to take off your sheets and wash them separately from the other clothes in your washing machine.

2) Then vacuum the surface of your mattress using a brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner, this way it will be easier to remove dust and debris.

  • If at any time during this process you notice that there’s a spill or stain then try removing it as soon as possible since allowing fluids to stay on the surface of your bed for too long can damage its comfort layer and overall durability over time.

3) Then spread some baking soda on the mattress surface especially if stains are quite difficult to remove, let it sit overnight, and wash everything thoroughly with warm water before going back to sleep again.

  • This won’t necessarily make stains disappear but it will help to prevent their formation in the long run since baking soda is well known for its ability to absorb moisture and odors.

What is a bed in a box mattress?

This is the cheapest type of mattress because it doesn’t come with any hassle or additional costs, just unpack it and put it on top of your bed frame.

They also tend to be more compact which makes them very easy to transport especially if you decide to change rooms in your home.

Their main drawback is that they’re quite heavy so make sure not to hurt yourself while transporting one since their weight can vary anywhere between 80 pounds (around 36 kg) and over 600 pounds (about 272kg).

What is the difference between a mattress in a box and a traditional mattress?

The main difference between these two types of bedding is the fact that traditional models are shipped inside their original packaging while box spring ones come unassembled.

You should also know that even if they’re called mattresses, you still need to purchase them together with a frame since this is actually what holds them in place on top of your existing furniture.

What is a bed in a box mattress made of?

They can be composed of a wide array of different materials since the term “in a box” simply refers to their compactness and not to their actual composition.

That being said, most models are made from memory foam, spring coils, latex, or a combination of all three.

How Does Body Type Affect Mattress Selection?

Not everyone responds the same way to certain types of bedding so it’s always best to do some research before making a purchase.

If you’re very heavy then you should consider models with thick layers that can easily support all your weight, and if you tend to sleep hot then look for eco-friendly materials such as latex or natural cotton since they will help regulate your body temperature throughout the night.

What are mattress protectors?

These are specially designed fabrics that have been scientifically crafted to repel liquids but still breathe freely at the same time thanks to their vented design.

They work by preventing anything from seeping into the surface of your new bedding while allowing all perspiration vapor to evaporate quickly which means less sweating, rashes, and other unpleasant reactions.

They’re also very easy to clean and generally come with a water-resistant layer along with an anti-dust mite or hypoallergenic one for added protection.

What mattress firmness is best for sciatica?

This usually depends on the exact location and intensity of your pain but in general, you should try using a model that is medium in firmness since it will be able to support your body while also relieving pressure and tension.

If you’re not sure about what’s best for your condition then ask a doctor or visit a physical therapist so they can help direct you towards the perfect solution.

What is mattress ticking fabric?

It consists out of two layers which are sewn together with multiple rows of thread. The bottom side has been covered with polyurethane while the top one features an organic cotton blend that repels liquids very quickly.

This type of material is ideal if you have children or pets around because there’s no way for any fluids to seep through it and stain your mattress in case of accidents.

What is the best mattress for back pain?

There are many things you can try to alleviate your condition but first, you should find out if any of the current products in your home are causing issues.

For example, if you have a very old or damaged mattress then this could be leading to all kinds of bodily aches and pain so make sure to replace it as soon as possible.

If this isn’t the case, then go for models that are slightly on the firmer mattress side since they tend to better support your lower back especially if you sleep on your side.

What’s the warranty period?

This usually falls between 10 and 20 years but it’s important to keep in mind that the majority of manufacturers impose subtle restrictions on their coverage.

For example, you might not be able to use your warranty if your bedding has suffered any kind of damage due to natural disasters like floods or fires.

There are also other limitations such as regular wear and tear which could impact the lifespan of certain parts so make sure you read all fine print before making a purchase.

Is there a trial period?

Yes, all brands offer some kind of trial period during which you can decide whether or the product truly matches your expectations. This usually lasts for around 100 to 120 days and in most cases, it covers both manufacturing flaws as well as materials that are not considered “normal wear and tear”.

Keep in mind though that if you try making any changes to the original order (i.e removing a pillow-top innerspring mattress from its box) then this will invalidate your warranty agreement.


Hybrid mattresses are designed to provide you with the ultimate comfort and support so you can wake up refreshed and ready for anything.

When compared with innerspring models, these products tend to offer a much more balanced feel thanks to their heavy-duty coils which work together with soft foam layers of memory foam or latex that mold around your body like a glove.

They also come at very affordable price tags but still maintain all the high-end features people love about mattresses including detachable sheets, dual firmness options, cooling gels, and other beneficial additions.

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