Best Pocket Sprung Mattress UK: What Makes Them So Great?

A pocket sprung mattress is a type of mattress that contains hundreds to thousands of “pocket springs” as the name suggests. These pockets are interconnected to work together as a system, resulting in a good degree of support and firmness

Taking care of your pocket sprung mattress isn’t too difficult, making them one of the most popular types on the market today for those looking for a high-end product. But what exactly should you be looking for? What research should you do before purchasing one? Which brands offer the best quality products?

The information below has been put together to help aid your decision process when choosing this type, offering advice from professionals who have personally tested them under real conditions. We hope it helps!

Best 5 Pocket Sprung Mattresses UK 2021

1. Dreamcloud Mattress

The Dreamcloud mattress represents the very best of luxury materials and cutting-edge design, offering an unrivaled sleeping experience. It’s 100% natural, hand-made in the USA with eco-friendly fabrics, and designed for optimum support.

The pocket springs are encased by a thick layer of latex foam which means that no matter how many times you move during sleep you always have good support. This is also complemented by the breathability provided by the ventilated cover, making it perfect for those who tend to suffer from night sweats or excessive warmth.

We think this mattress has got what it takes to make our exclusive list of the top 5 pocket sprung mattresses in the UK because it offers everything you’d want; supportive layers, great comfort, and an all-around excellent design.


  • It’s constructed with high-end materials and eco-friendly fabrics
  • It provides a very luxurious feel
  • The hand-tufted design is incredibly soft and will last well in the future
  • It’s heavy, meaning very durable and more likely to avoid sagging
  • 100% natural fillings


  • It’s quite expensive
  • It’s extremely heavy (160kg) and quite difficult to move
  • Supportive layers make it a little more difficult to get on and off the bed

2. Simba Hybrid Mattress

The Simba Hybrid mattress is a fantastic product that provides great value for money and impressive support and comfort. It’s designed to suit all types of sleepers; whether you’re a light, medium, or heavyweight person, the pocket springs will adapt and provide you with exactly what you need.

For this reason, we think it deserves its place in our Top 5 Pocket Sprung Mattresses list because it represents such good value.


  • It’s well made & uses high-quality materials
  • It’s quite thick so has good longevity and should avoid sagging
  • No chemical smells when unpackaging which can sometimes be an issue with memory foam products
  • The hybrid mattresses design allows the bed to adapt and provide different levels of support for different weights
  • Great value for money


  • It’s quite heavy to move (approx150kg) and fairly difficult to lift onto a bed frame
  • The mattress is generally pretty firm so those looking for a softer feel may not be as comfortable

3. Nectar Sleep Mattress

The Nectar mattress is a product we’ve heard good things about and if you’re looking for a comfortable, supportive and durable mattress then it could be the right choice for you. The layers of foam are used to provide both comfort and support and the overall structure of the bed means that you get great longevity.

It’s also flippable so can last twice as long should you be looking for this feature. We think it’s well placed in our Top 5 Pocket Sprung list because it represents such good value compared to other products.


  • It’s certified by CertiPUR which ensures it conforms to all fire safety standards
  • It’s made with eco-friendly materials & comes without any harmful chemicals/odours
  • The mattress itself is very breathable as it has a cooling gel layer
  • Both sides of the mattress are flippable so you can double its lifespan thus saving you money


  • It’s quite heavy & difficult to move around (approx 150kg)
  • There have been reports that the mattress develops a ‘sag’ over time which makes it less supportive and comfortable.

4. Emma Mattress

Emma is a luxury pocket sprung mattress that uses high-quality materials, great design, and comfort to deliver the best sleeping experience around.

The coil springs are made from tempered steel which provides both durabilities and makes each bed able to provide different levels of support according to your needs.

We think this product deserves its place in our Top 5 Pocket Sprung Mattresses list because it represents remarkable value for money when you consider what you get for your cash.


  • It’s handmade by skilled craftsmen so all of the mattresses are very durable and of the highest quality
  • It comes with an amazing 25-year guarantee so will last virtually forever!
  • The price point is very good considering what you’re getting
  • The temperature neutral memory foam provides a good level of comfort & support


  • It’s very heavy so is difficult to move around and get on top of the bed frame (approx 170kg)
  • The true lifespan is unknown as many customers have said their product has sagged over time but this is covered by the 25-year guarantee.

5. Dormeo Pocket Sprung Mattress

If you’re on a budget and want a good, comfortable mattress then this could be the right choice for you. It’s well constructed and uses high-quality materials which makes it very durable and provides good longevity.

The pocket sprung coils provide both comfort and support to the sleeper and we think this product is placed in our Top 5 Pocket Sprung Mattresses list because of its value when compared to other products at a similar cost.


  • It’s made with Eco-friendly materials (including fire retardant) & has no harmful odors when unpacking
  • The build quality is fantastic considering the lower price point & it should last for many years
  • They offer a great money-back guarantee (90-day no-quibble policy)


  • It’s very heavy and difficult to move around, even when it’s in a rolled-up form (approx 170kg)
  • The coils can be uncomfortable for some people as they can dig into you when you sleep; this isn’t the case for everyone though.

What is a pocket sprung mattress?

A pocket sprung mattress is one that uses ‘pocketed’ springs to create a level of support. The coils are made from tempered steel and are individually wrapped in order to offer the sleeper more support where they need it most. This means each part of the body has some kind of support that can increase comfort levels, especially for those with back pain.

Pocket sprung mattresses don’t come cheap but it’s well worth spending extra on one as they guarantee good quality sleep and you won’t ache after waking up!

What’s great about them is that they’re also very heavy due to the steel coil springs inside so this ensures your mattress doesn’t move around during the night which makes it comforting knowing you’re not going to end up on the floor in the morning!

Advantages and disadvantages of pocket sprung mattresses

Similar to memory foam mattresses, pocket sprung mattresses are very durable and last for many years.


  • they’re made with high-quality materials so they’re resistant to wear & tear giving you peace of mind that your bed will be comfortable for a long time;
  • the springs inside provide good levels of support which can help people who suffer from back pain get better at night’s sleep. This is because it evenly distributes weight and pressure around the body, particularly important for those who toss and turn during the night;
  • they’re very heavy which means they don’t move around during the night, therefore you can also feel safe knowing that your mattress won’t budge. Also, the fact that it’s heavy means it doesn’t wear away as quickly as other types of mattresses;
  • pocket sprung mattresses are easy to care for/clean because there’s no need to flip them over or rotate them. Instead, all you have to do is simply turn them over every now and then;
  • you can choose not to protect your mattress with a bed protector if you don’t want to (however this is only recommended when you’re in the market for a really good mattress)


  • they’re expensive and cost more than most other types of mattresses;
  • they’re heavy so it may be difficult for some people to lift them up, especially when trying to get them on top of an existing bed;
  • because they use steel springs there’s the possibility that they could make noise when you move around at night. This will be dependant on how sensitive your hearing is though;
  • pocket sprung mattresses are bulky which means you probably won’t be able to buy a divan base that fits perfectly underneath one.

Is a pocket sprung mattress the right mattress for you?

Pocket sprung mattresses are definitely a good choice for those with back pain as they offer the sleeper superb support, especially in key areas such as the neck and lower back.

They’re also great if you’re a side sleeper as they stop your shoulders from going numb which can be an issue on a standard mattress.

If you love to sleep with a partner then there is one drawback which is that pocket sprung mattresses can make a lot of noise if two people move around at the same time. This means it’s not recommended for couples who like to cuddle up close!

Which sleeping position is best for pocket sprung mattresses?

Pocket sprung mattresses are usually suitable for all sleeping positions as they provide great support all around the body.

Back sleepers:

Back sleepers really benefit from a pocket sprung mattress as it supports the back, neck, and head which is essential for those who have a bad back

Side sleepers:

Side sleepers find they often wake up with a stiff neck so usually try to avoid this position if they can!

A good quality pocket sprung mattress however will ensure you’re not going to suffer from this problem. It’ll also improve your upper body support which makes you feel more rested in the morning too.

Stomach sleepers:

Stomach sleepers don’t always get on well with a standard sprung mattress as many of them are too soft and won’t provide great support.

If your partner sleeps like this then you might want to opt for a pocket sprung as it’s slightly firmer mattress and can make a world of difference.

Is a pocket sprung mattress good for back pain?

Pocket sprung mattresses are excellent for those who have trouble with back pain as they offer great support in key areas of the body.

They can be a little heavy so it’s worth investing in one with wheels which makes them easy to move around when you need to.

Do pocket sprung mattresses sleep cool?

Pocket sprung mattresses are made from high-quality materials so won’t sleep particularly cool.

They’re great if you have a partner who likes to sleep with the window open as this type of mattress will retain its heat which can stop you from getting cold at night!

Is a pocket sprung mattress good for couples?

Pocket sprung mattresses are usually made from high-quality materials which means they’re less likely to make a lot of noise when two people move around at the same time.

They can however be slightly heavier due to the steel coil springs inside so might not be suitable for couples who like to cuddle up close!

Criteria when purchasing a pocket sprung mattress

There are a few different things to look out for when buying a mattress:

  1. Check the springs: Pocket sprung mattresses usually have around 300 springs but this can vary from brand to brand. There should be around 13 – 15cm between each coil which will ensure you’re not going to feel them through the mattress itself. The number of rows the coils go across is normally dependant on how thick your mattress is e.g a king-size might have 20 rows of springs whereas a small single only has 11.
  2. Check the depth of the coomb: Most UK manufacturers use 3″ depth coombs as standard however some luxury pocket sprung beds have been known to reach 5″! This makes it extremely comfortable as there’s so much padding under your body.
  3. Get the right comfort for you: Most pocket sprung mattresses are available in either medium, firm, or luxury so it’s important to choose the one which suits your needs. If you’re a heavy person then it’s best to go for a firmer feel as this will hold up against your weight better while lighter people should opt for softer versions.

What is the difference between pocket spring and open coil?

There are various different types of springs that can be used inside a mattress however some offer more support than others do:

1. Open Coil

The open coil has been around since the early ’30s and offers an inexpensive way of making a mattress.

The steel coils are tied together with wire on each side which makes them very firm and although they’re good at retaining their shape, they can also be slightly uncomfortable as the coils tend to push through the mattress material.

2. Pocket Spring

A pocket sprung mattress has each spring encased in a fabric pocket which means it offers greater comfort and support than an open coil does.

Because of this, it’s often favored by those who suffer from bad backs or other aches and pains. It’s also great for providing extra lumbar support if you need it!

How many pocket springs should a good mattress have?

The number of springs inside a pocket spring mattress will vary depending on the brand and model you choose.

Generally speaking, luxury mattresses have more springs than standard ones so if you want something really comfortable, opt for one with at least 300 pockets.

What is a spring gauge?

The Spring gauge is an industry standard that is used to measure the height of each spring.

A small pocket sprung mattress will have a lower number (e.g 15mm) whereas luxury versions tend to go up to 30mm or more!

The thicker the spring, the more support it offers so bear this in mind if you’re suffering from aches and pains.

Does spring height matter?

Although a 15mm pocket spring might sound very thin, it will offer just as much support as a 30mm one would because the material in between each coil compresses and spreads your weight evenly.

So if you’re looking for something thinner which is easy to move on and off then opt for a lower number than if you prefer something more supportive which offers firmness under your body.

What are doona springs?

Doona springs are a type of pocket sprung mattress made from high-quality materials such as cashmere wool or silk which provide natural insulation against both heat and cold.

They tend to be slightly more expensive than standard versions so only choose them if you really need the warmth they give off!

UK pocket sprung mattress sizes

  • Single: 3’0″ x 6’3″ (90cm x 190cm): This is the smallest size available and ideal for young kids or teenagers’ bedrooms where there’s not much space. It’s also a great bed for guest rooms which don’t get used too often as it doesn’t take up too much room.
  • Small Double: 4’0″ x 6’3″ (120cm x 190cm): This has been designed to fit in most standard bedroom wardrobes, however, can also be ideal for double beds if you have limited space in your room. It offers just enough room to share with someone without feeling squashed together in the night!
  • Standard Double: 4’6″ x 6’3″ (140cm x 190cm): The perfect option if you’re looking to buy a new mattress for you and a partner as it gives you enough space to sleep comfortably without feeling too crowded.
  • King Size Mattress: 5’0″ x 6’6″ (150cm x 200cm): Ideal for those who want the extra luxury of having plenty of room in their bed! It’s often used in guest bedrooms where there is more space, however can also give that extra touch to your master bedroom if you’re looking for something luxurious and beautifully designed.
  • Superking: 6’0″ x 6’3″ (180cm x 190cm): An extremely wide mattress that has been designed for those who love to lie flat out with loads of room so they can stretch around easily. They’re great if you like to spread out in bed but can also take up a lot of space so only go for one if you have the room to accommodate it.

Choose the right bed frame for your mattress

It’s really important to have a good bed frame for your mattress as this will hold the weight and pressure well away from the springs inside.

Most beds have a metal base which is ideal as it doesn’t take too much of your pocket sprung mattress’ comfort and support, however wooden ones are also sometimes used with softer materials such as latex or memory foam.

Wooden frames without slats can often make gaps between each joint where dust can collect so if you suffer from asthma or allergies then consider opting for a metal one instead.

What is a divan base?

A divan base is quite simply the box that holds all the parts of your mattress together and provides it with its shape.

Pocket sprung mattresses always come with a divan base (either sprung or wooden) which will be the same size as the mattress you buy.

They come in a huge array of different shapes and sizes but are usually either 4, 6, or 8 drawer styles so it’s worth checking out what other people think before making your choice.

Is a pocket spring mattress better than a foam mattress?

Pocket sprung mattresses tend to be a lot more comfortable and luxurious than foam versions as they’re made from natural materials which adapt to the shape of your body.

They provide excellent support for all parts of your body including hips, shoulders, and head meaning you’ll wake up feeling refreshed with no aches and pains!

Can a mattress topper make my mattress softer?

It can depend on the topper you buy but most will be entirely flat which means they’ll offer very little in the way of comfort.

The best option is to choose one which is slightly padded or even with sprung coils inside, however, it’s worth bearing in mind that this might make your pocket sprung mattress feel a little firmer than normal.

How many springs are in a pocket sprung mattress?

Pocket sprung mattresses are often referred to as ‘springless’ because they don’t actually have any springs in them at all!

Instead, each compartment has its own set of intelligent pockets which hold together the fillings and take their shape.

This does mean that there can sometimes be gaps between compartments that need filling up so if you’re worried about crumbs then look for a mattress that has been quilted together.

Alternatives to pocket sprung mattresses

Although pocket sprung mattresses are the most popular and widely used type of mattress they’re not right for everyone so here’s a look at some other options:

  1. Memory Foam Mattress: These work in a similar way to pocket sprung mattresses but instead of using individual compartments, they smooth out your body’s shape completely. Although they’re quite firm when you first get them, memory foam contours to the shape of your body within around half an hour and gives excellent pressure relief.
  2. Latex Mattress: If you like the support that pocket springing provides then latex mattresses can be a great option as they create separate chambers which offer fantastic stability and bounce. They also let air through easily which makes them cool and breathable and provide good comfort and alignment for your spine.
  3. Open Coil: If you’re looking for a traditional mattress then open coil ones are the best option as they’re firm and supportive with deep layers of foam and springs. This type is also good if you suffer from back pain or arthritis in the hips, legs, or shoulders so worth considering!

Are pocket spring mattresses safe to use?

All the fillings, fabrics, and coating used in pocket sprung mattresses are perfectly safe so you don’t need to worry about your child sleeping on one.

The main benefit of this type is their durability as they tend to last for decades rather than just a few years meaning it can be worth spending more upfront because you won’t need to replace it anytime soon.

How long do the best pocket sprung mattresses last?

They can last for decades rather than years if you buy an excellent quality mattress with strong springs that are sewn in well.

Look for one which has this type of coil springing rather than smooth ones as they won’t flatten out like cheaper alternatives.

The outer fabric is also important so choose something breathable and durable that will stand the test of time.

Can I use a pocket sprung mattress on a slatted base?

This is possible but not ideal as there’s no gap in between compartments so your bodyweight might make it sag inwards slightly, especially when you first start using it.

Slatted bases work best with solid foam mattresses whereas pockets act more like springs to spread weight evenly across the frame.

What level of firmness do I need?

Pocket sprung mattresses are available in four different levels of firmness which are suitable for everyone from side sleepers to back sleepers.

Each level uses the same number of springs but fills them with more or less foam depending on how much support you need.

  • Soft mattress: This is around 6cm deep and contains lofted cashmere wool along with a high level of comfort foam which means it’s perfect for people who want a soft feel without sinking too far into the mattress.
  • Medium-firm mattress: At 8cm, this offers medium firmness and has very little sinkage so most people can use it easily without worrying about sleeping too low down. It also benefits from knowing that cashmere wool makes your body more balanced when you’re lying on your back or side.
  • Medium Plush: If you want a slightly more supportive mattress then choose this model which has an 11cm depth and firmer edges for better edge support when you’re in the middle of the bed. This works well if there’s someone sleeping near your feet or head as it doesn’t create much movement when you turn over so won’t disturb them too much!
  • Firm: The firmest variant offers 14cm of height but is still comfortable to sleep on thanks to cashmere wool being added in order to keep your spine in alignment so you don’t end up with any aches or pains. It’s also good if you like a mattress that can give close support without sinking too far into it, especially during the night when you’re lying on your side or back.

How do I choose a mattress?

If you want a soft feel which is very comfortable and preserves your body temperature, choose a pocket spring mattress with lots of cashmere or silk.

The middle layers will be pillowy and offer good support without sinking too far into the bed which means it’s perfect for thinner people as well as those who are heavier.

If you want something firmer then choose one that doesn’t have much luxury filling as this tends to make them cushiony rather than supportive!

Is a bed in a box any good?

Mattresses in a box are usually pocket spring mattresses that have been compressed down into the smallest size possible.

They often arrive rolled up but can be easy to unpack because of their lightweight and are great for people who don’t have much spare room in their home.

Before buying one, you should look at how much it costs because some are very expensive which is why they’re sometimes called luxury mattresses even though you can get cheaper alternatives that are just as good for less money.

What material should I avoid?

Some materials have lower quality so be sure to check what’s inside each mattress before purchasing to ensure it has high-quality fillings rather than cheap ones which aren’t durable enough.

This means you need to check carefully whether the foam has a memory foam layer or just normal polyurethane which wears out more easily.

In addition, check to see if the springs have been pocket springs or merely mini versions of them – you want the real ones since they’re better at contouring around your body so you always feel comfortable and supported!

How do you take care of a mattress?

Most mattresses will come with some instructions on how to take care of them, but they all require the same things:

  1. In the first few days, you should rotate it regularly so it doesn’t retain any impression from being slept on for too long.
  2. You have to air your mattress every day which means leaving the window open or simply turning it over and leaning it against a wall until any dampness has dried off and then switching it back again. This reduces mold and mildew as well as makes sure it’s fully dry before anyone sleeps on it again.
  3. Make sure that you have bedsheets that fit by buying deep pocket ones which are very difficult to tangle up.
  4. Use a mattress protector to stop any stains or liquids from penetrating the mattress and keep it protected for longer.

Do all mattresses need flipping or turning?

Mattresses don’t always need to be flipped or turned but they do need rotating so the weight is distributed evenly.

So for example, when you sleep on one side of it all night then turn over during the night, the other side becomes the heaviest part so needs to be moved around so it’s in that position instead.

This stops any indentations from appearing and helps stop your mattress from wearing out too soon.

Does it have a strong chemical smell?

If a mattress has a strong chemical smell that you can detect from the outside, it’s likely to have been treated with fire retardants and other chemicals which aren’t healthy for your family.

To make sure none of these are present, look carefully at the label before buying or stay away from it altogether!

Is there a trial period?

Many online retailers will offer you a short trial period when you can return the mattress if it isn’t right for you.

If there’s no trial period then try to check what their returns policy is as some stores will refund your money without any quibble whilst others require that the mattress must be kept, even if you’re sending it back later.

What’s the warranty period?

Each mattress has a specific warranty period in which it must be replaced or repaired if there are any faulty parts, usually you have between 10 and 20 years to make use of it.

This is usually applicable when there are manufacturing defects involved rather than normal wear and tear!


Finding the Best Pocket Sprung Mattress UK can be fun and fast by getting good information, same as this article has provided.

It’s important to get an understanding of your needs when buying one since they can vary in price considerably.

If you want one which is cheap but durable, make sure you check the specifications carefully or look at reviews of each brand before spending any money on it.

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