Biggest Size Bed UK: The Biggest Size Bed Review

Looking for the biggest size bed? If yes, then you are at the right place. This article will help you to get the biggest mattress size in the UK.

All the beds available in the UK are in different sizes, and all the dimensions are standardized according to UK’s mattresses range Sizes. You can choose the bed which is best suitable for your bedroom’s size.

All measurements mentioned here are approximate; it means they may vary within manufacturing tolerances, mainly when hand-made.

UK Bed sizes & mattress sizes

Single:3’6″ x 6’3″ (36”x72”)

This is the smallest size of the bed. Kids or guest rooms usually use it.

Small Double Bed:4’6″ x 6’3″(44”x72”)

This is the most widespread & standard size bed which can be easily fitted in any bedroom throughout the UK. This mattress size is suitable for single-person use, and parents who have young children generally prefer this mattress.

King Size Mattress:5′ x 6’3″(50”x72″)

King size beds are trendy nowadays & it has gained immense popularity in the UK also after their availability in many countries all over the world including USA and Canada, etc.

Usually, these beds are prepared with thick layers by adding more than two feet width to a double bed. Hence it is ideal for couples who love to sleep closely.

Queen size Mattress:4’6″ x 6’3″(44”x72”)

This is another popular mattress size that can be used throughout the UK. This bed is slightly smaller than King Size Bed, and hence it is perfect for a single person who also loves to have a good sleep after a hard working day in the office or factory.

Super King Size Mattress:5′ x 6’3″(50”x72″)

As per the name, it’s an extra-large bed & ideal for couples. It has gained immense popularity due to its larger size in comparison with Queen and King size beds. In this mattress, both husband & wife can fit easily without being disturbed by each other when sleeping or relaxing on a bed.

Other less common bed sizes:

Austrian Bed:4’6″ (44”) x 3’6″(36″)

This is a standard double bed with no extra length on the sides. This mattress size is available in many countries, but it is not very common for couples or adults to sleep on such a small surface area of the bed. It may be used as guest rooms, kids’ rooms, and also motels.

Double XL Single Bed:3’6″ (36”) x 6’3″(72”)

A single bed with a longer length than that of an ordinary single bed. Its length is just like a double size and hence can be used as a guest room or kid’s room.

Super King Size Austrian Bed:5′ (50”) x 3’6″(36”)

A huge single bed with extra length on the sides. It is ideal for kids or guest rooms.

Toddler Bed:1’6″ (16″) x 4’0″(40”)

This mattress size is available only in one standard UK size, i.e., 36 inches. This is a perfect size for toddlers to sleep by separating them from adults with the help of bed rails or side panels.

Crib Mattress:27”(68cm) x 52”(132cm)

As the name suggests, this is a small baby sleeping mattress that can be used by infants up to 2 years old, but it’s too small for young children who are above two years old.

Are a twin and a double bed the same?

No, Twin beds are smaller than double beds. The smallest size of twin & double beds is 3ft 6inch (72 inches) and 4ft 6inch (72 inches), respectively.

What’s the biggest UK bed size?

Super King, which is 5ft x 6ft 3inches. It is an extra-large bed which is great for couples. Other bigger, maybe less standard mattress sizes include Austrian (4ft x 3ft 6inch) and super king size (5ft x 6ft 3inches).

How much does a Super king-size bed cost?

The cost of a super king bed can vary from 500 pounds to 5,000 pounds. Most mattresses are now available in the size of the super king to satisfy customers who want bigger beds for more comfort and relaxation at night.

How to Choose Which Large Bed Size is Right for You

When deciding which large bed is suitable for you, a few factors should be considered.

  • If you have a partner, it’s essential to find a UK bed size that allows plenty of room for both sleepers.
  • On the other hand, if you’re using your king-sized bed to lounge around during the day, then comfort will play an even greater role in your decision. We think that this super king-sized mattress ticks all the boxes when it comes to value and luxury!
  • A simple yet effective way to ensure that your new large bed fits perfectly into its designated space (be it bedroom or living room) would be by providing it has adjustable feet at either end. The adjustable feet can ensure minimal scuffing on your floor.
  • Other factors that you may want to take into consideration are the size of your door opening, bedroom space, and if you have enough storage space or not? Some beds come with internal drawers, which can be incredibly useful for temporary storage.

How big is an emperor-size bed?

An emperor-size bed is known to be the widest of all mattress sizes, and they measure 6 feet in width, so it’s safe to say that they are definitely for those who have a large bedroom or are entertaining.

The standard price for an emperor-size mattress ranges from £500-£1000, which is quite expensive because not everyone can afford them.

Can two adults sleep comfortably on a full-sized bed?

Two adults can sleep comfortably on a full-sized bed, but it will be tight.

A full-sized bed has a width of 54 inches, so two grown adults sharing one of these mattresses will have to get cozy with each other.

Do mattress dimensions vary by country?

Yes, mattress dimensions vary from country to country. For example, in the UK, a king-size mattress measures 6 feet by 6 feet, while in the US, it is known as an emperor, which means it is 6′ x 6’6 inches.

Similarly, UK double beds are 5 feet, while US double beds are usually 4 feet 9 inches long.

What’s the difference between California King Size and King?

There isn’t much difference between California King Size Bed and King except for the size! Both these mattresses come with dimensions of 72 inches x 84 inches or 90 cm x 190 cm (California) resp; 60 inches x 80 inches or 90cm x 200cm (King).

The only reason California king-size bed seems to be more popular is that it’s slightly wide yet not long enough for some people.

So, if you’re looking for a mattress that is expansive enough to accommodate your significant other and big enough to give you some room to stretch about in it, California King is the right choice!

Why does size matter?

Size matters because getting a good night’s sleep becomes effortless when you’ve got the right bed. When you lie down on a comfortable mattress, there isn’t much work involved in just falling asleep.

If your mattress is too firm or uncomfortable, getting a good night’s rest will involve more effort. That means less time sleeping and more time feeling tired and anxious during waking hours.

Choosing the right bed frames

If you’re thinking of buying a large-sized mattress, then the chances are that your own bed frame isn’t going to cut it. To accommodate the extra size, you will need a durable and long-lasting frame.

  • If you’ve got the budget, then opting for a wooden bed frame is your best bet. Wooden beds are more durable and long-lasting than their metal counterparts.
  • If you’re on a strict budget, then make sure to go for a metal bed frame (although they will be shorter-lived). However, if it’s just for show and isn’t be used regularly, then any old thing would suffice!


To summarise, mattress size is extremely important because it determines how well you can sleep at night. A good night’s rest leads to better productivity, happy moods, and more patience!

So make sure that your choice of mattress fits comfortably into your bedroom; otherwise, this might lead to sleepless nights which no one wants to experience.

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